Thursday, August 9, 2012


Things I Consumed: 

This evening I trawled through DeviantArt, which is actually one of my favorite past times.  Lately I've been picking some feature that one of my main characters has, or some plot point, or some piece of a setting, and searching for that thing.  I get a whole bunch of pictures of things that look like what I want.

The part that I really like is that these searches and looking at other ideas on the subject help cement it in my mind.  This doesn't happen because I see a picture that exactly depicts what's in my head, this happens because I see pictures that aren't what I see, and I'm able to pinpoint those things so they become crystallized.  For example:
  • This one isn't quite right because Dustin's too muscular.  He's still growing into his height.
  • This one is not quite right because of the expression on Ani's face.  That's not how she would be feeling.
  • This one is almost right, but the wheat should come up right to the very edges of human habitation, even taking root between buildings.
Also, I get to see some cool art.


I wrote exactly 1,500 words today (of DDS).  It's crazy.  I didn't even know I'd done that until I did the subtraction.  I was hoping to write 116 more words, but I just conked out and couldn't finish.

DDS makes it sound like it's about a dentist, which I kind of like.

I also had a long talk with the spouse about one of the big plot points.  She was super excited when I explained what I needed to know and why, and she sat there for fifteen minutes and told me about her vast experiences.  "And you could have this happen, because it would be funny!"

Then I've been thinking about how I'm going to rewrite SF.  I'm in the first love stage with my latest plot idea, which means I think it's awesome and dreamy and I want to snuggle with it, but if I give it any attention or look at it directly in the eye, it'll probably turn sour in a week or so.  I'll think on it more when I'm in a place to think, but I wrote the ideas down anyway so they don't elude me later.

Weird Thing of the Day:

On XRT, my preferred radio station, this weird thing has been happening for the last two or three weeks.  When I get in the car in the afternoon, after seeing a student or going to see a student, they'll play a song or two, then the DJ will come on and list the songs that just played.  That's pretty typical and not the weird part.

The weird part is that without fail the song before I got in the car was Love Interruption.

How?  It's sorcery!  I should send an e-mail to Terri Hemmert and ask that - only for the sake of my sanity - whenever the wants to play it, she'll wait just one song.

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  1. I love this blog already! I like your point about recognizing what's not in your head helps you realize what IS.